Wedding Day Tips from a Wedding Planner

July 9, 2018

You’ve been planning this day all year. You have a super organised folder full of info, invoices and contacts. You have an exact vision in your head for how you want the day to look and play out. You plan on delegating little jobs to people you trust. You pretty much have it all sorted but you keep thinking you may be overlooking something and it stresses you out a little. Well, I am here to give you a few insider tips to add to your ‘super organised’ folder.

1. Firstly, and this one is a biggie, make sure you have a Plan B for your outdoor ceremony. Australian weather is really unpredictable (well, unless you are getting married in a remote location that only sees rain a few times a year, in which case forget a Plan B, you’re all good). If your reception location doesn’t have a suitable ceremony option then research the area and find something that will work with your wedding style. Try and do this a few months out, not the week of. If you’re organised then you can ensure that your Plan B is just as nice as your outdoor option.

2. Ceremony music – arrange your songs in a playlist, clearly labelled, and delegate the task of pressing play to someone you trust won’t miss the cue. Make sure you have enough music to play for the half hour or so before you arrive, as guests are mingling. It’s also nice to have music playing after your ceremony as most people will hang about for a while to congratulate you and take photos. If your budget allows it, opt for live – a solo musician or a classic String Trio really sets the tone.

3. Put together a run sheet for the day. It’s nice to have a little document that outlines everything that will happen from first thing in the morning until you and your new Husband bounce out of your reception (or stumble, depending how your night went). It doesn’t need to be as detailed as a Wedding Planner’s Run Sheet (my run sheets are next level detailed, so detailed that they even have toilet breaks scheduled. Jokes, they don’t, but feel free to add them to yours) just a list of what is happening at what time and who is responsible. Send it over to your vendors, your Groom and to family members (so you can avoid a bunch of questions on the wedding day). If you are getting married at a venue they will have their own Run Sheet for your reception, so feel free to add their schedule to yours. Check out our Day of Coordination packages here.

4. One for the Groom, Buttonholes gets pinned to the left side of the jacket. It might be an idea to arrange for someone to assist the guys with pinning their buttonholes (we love them dearly but I have seen many a groomsmen trying to pin each other’s buttonholes with little to no success).

5. Make sure your Celebrant doesn’t invite people to come up and congratulate you directly following your Ceremony. A recessional walk is so much fun and I have seen so many wonderful photos of this moment. Grab the hand of your new Husband or Wife and take that proud walk together.

6. If you are having a friend MC your reception be sure to give him a really good brief (this is where the benefit of a run sheet comes in) and make sure you choose someone who doesn’t fancy doing shots at the bar with the groomsmen. A sober MC is defs the way to go (*winks)

7. Give your DJ or band  a ‘Do Not Play’ list. Put anything that comes with a choreographed group dance on it (*more winks)

8. Have a small bag with you for the day. Fill it with the essentials, lipstick and gloss, compact mirror and powder, Panadol, water, gum and deodorant. And here is a good one – take a couple of Hydro-lite’s the morning of your wedding. They work a treat and will save you from a headache if you forget to stay hydrated (or drink to much Prosecco).

9. If your venue has the space, have your MC invite your guests to stand and gather closely around your dancefloor as you guys do your first dance. It’s lovely and intimate as well as the perfect way to ensure that everyone joins you for a dance directly following your bridal waltz.

So there you have it, a few little tips to help you on your day. If nothing else, a lot of love and hard work goes into each and every wedding day. Be prepared and organised and everything will go perfectly to plan!

Rhi x